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About Cami

I love working at NorthStar Coaching Systems, L.L.C. People often feel challenged to live up to their potential because they are having difficulty tapping into the talent and skill within them. I have found that coaching can unlock talent and enable an individual to surpass doubling, even tripling their previous achievements.

I began coaching in 1992 at the request of a client and have worked as an internal consultant and in companies both overseas and in the US in the areas of healthcare, contracting, transportation, shipping and trading, and much more. I love partnering with clients to capitalize on their strengths and attain the success they were previously unable to reach. I work with individuals who want to achieve greater levels of success and be more productive as well as companies, large and small that want to see the potential and efforts of their valuable people pay dividends for both those individuals and employers.

I am a graduate of Coach U, Career Coach Academy and an Ontological Coach Consultant. I am a certified DISC distributor skilled in the use of various assessments. Doesn’t it make sense to see what NorthStar Coaching Systems, LLC, I can do for you and your company?

"I learned to how to zero in on target clients, reaching those clients through my contact sphere, and what truly makes me enjoy my career. As a result, it is easier for me to generate leads and my company has recently hired an additional member to our team because due increased new business."

- Sam M.